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slow food
slow food

Slow food is all about local and traditional foods made to be savored. It’s a reaction against the mass production of the fast food industry.

The slow food movement promotes healthy, locally-sourced food and regional traditions to combat the mindless and hurried consumption of food in the modern day.

It encourages people to cook wholesome meals – and take the time to really enjoy their food.

And it’s about preserving local cultures and heritage in a world where fast-food franchises are wiping out diversity with their homogeneous menus.

slow meat

Slow Meat is an international campaign that brings together diverse people to turn the herd away from the tyranny of an overworked, hyper-industrialized food system.

If we resolve to eating “better meat, less,” however, we can begin to shift the power away from these corporations and empower producers who raise their animals according to the highest standards. By eating consciously and locally, you are choosing to support ethically sound and sustainable practices while reducing your environmental impact.

slow fish

More than 80% of the seafood we eat in the U.S. is imported, yet we catch and harvest enough nationally to feed ourselves. The average boat-to-plate journey is over 5,000 miles. We can do better than this, anchored to the Slow Food vision of food that is good, clean, and fair for all:

GOOD is wholesome, seasonal, local, fresh, and delicious. CLEAN preserves biodiversity, sustains the environment, and nourishes a healthy lifestyle for both humans and animals. FAIR honors the dignity of labor from boat to plate, the diversity of cultures and traditions in the United States, and strengthens awareness of our ocean as a public commons resource. This food is accessible for everyone to enjoy.
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